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A Quality-focussed Startup in the Tech Domain

A software and mobile app testing company, Testvox is a startup founded by Pradeep K and Asher C P at UL Cyberpark in Kozhikode in 2017

Testvox believes that perfection is just one step away as that’s exactly what their service is about – helping companies attain perfection. A software and mobile app testing company with focus on quality assurance (QA), Testvox is a startup based at UL Cyberpark in Kozhikode. Serving national and international clientele for the past two-and-a-half years on domains such as e-commerce, ERP, fintech, banking and travel, among others, the firm offers manual and automated testing services and exclusive facilities like QA-on-demand.

A software and mobile app testing company, Testvox is a startup founded by Pradeep K and Asher C P at UL Cyberpark in Kozhikode in 2017

Founded by Kozhikode-based professionals Pradeep K and Asher C P in 2017, Team Testvox has been involved in mobile app testing as well as performance and functionality testing of client software, gifting the clients with a bug-free, trouble-free and satisfying user experience. With a dedicated team of 12 professionals, Testvox traces bugs, helps overcome the limitations of the applications and software and enables better business outreach for their clients.
Tracing their two-year-old progress, Pradeep explains, “When we started off, we realised that performance testing had a wider scope than we had imagined. Software companies and app developers pay very less attention to QA while developing and delivering their products. Little do they realise testing the product’s limits adds to its quality and enhances user experience.”
Elaborating on their mode of work, Pradeep says, “We are one of the few companies which deploy automation testing tools employing multiple mobile devices. Take for instance an e-commerce platform; when it starts receiving large number of hits, it may slow down and even crash, unable to handle the traffic load. Processing requests, too, might take time. But during pre-launch testing, we simulate a heavy-traffic condition manually and fix the bug. The key lies in identifying the bottleneck. Once that is done on our part, the developers can find means to solve it.”
Testvox considers ‘QA on demand’ as its USP. They let client firms access resources at their convenience, even if it is for a day-long work or a longer commitment. And they are open to suggestions and criticisms. “Each review and feedback, both positive and negative, are lessons for us. It helps us better our output and explore new arenas,” says Pradeep.
Being one among the five players in the field in Kerala, Testvox is aware of its responsibility in maintaining quality. “Committed to providing superior testing services to IT companies in a responsible manner, we approach each task with dedication and ensures timely completion of projects. We have been able to maintain consistency in quality delivery so far,” he says.
They have catered to the QA requirements of companies like Infotiz Solutions, Mindster, Xyloop, Storilabs, Wiinnova, M2H Infotech LLP and Qkopy, but their most prestigious project has been with Bahrain-based Al Yousuf Money Exchange, which also marked their foray into the banking domain.
Aiming to cater to small and medium-level firms, Testvox has been providing advanced technological services at cheaper rates. Taking it one step ahead, they offer free service for startups developing mobile applications to prove how effective performance testing is on APIs, by employing manual and automated testing services. Currently, they are associated with Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) and included in the list of their service providers. They associate with freelance mobile app developers as well.

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