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The growth story of Incredible Visibility Solutions (IVS) headed by Saneesh S Sanal, COO and Managing Director, is a remarkable one. Established in FY 2013-14, IVS has become the first company at Technopark Kollam in Kundara to scale up its operations. Hardly three years since inception, Incredible Visibility Solutions working out of Technopark Kollam at

The growth story of Incredible Visibility Solutions (IVS) headed by Saneesh S Sanal, COO and Managing Director, is a remarkable one. Established in FY 2013-14, IVS has become the first company at Technopark Kollam in Kundara to scale up its operations.

Hardly three years since inception, Incredible Visibility Solutions working out of Technopark Kollam at Kundara has recorded a whopping 12-fold growth in annual turnover. For Saneesh S Sanal, the Chief Operating Officer of the startup, it was not really a cake walk, given his limited resources and the off the grid location of the IT Park. The company’s sucess, on the other hand, is also suggestive of Technopark Kollam’s potential as an IT hub capable of nurturing firms into big companies

Saneesh, who graduated in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Muslim Association College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram, started his professional career as a web designer and developer, and over the years, he established himself as one of the top 10 IT freelancers in Kerala. After various stints, Saneesh, along with his fellow computer programmers, decided to relocate to Technopark Kollam when its opening was announced in 2013.

The Park became fully operational by the end of 2014. Initially, the team of young professionals who worked in various capacities at different companies had to help out to get things running. However, in the end, all the hard work Saneesh and other employees had put in did pay off. Saneesh, along with one of his former clients, Vinicius Aschidamini, a Rio De Janeiro-based entrepreneur and programmer, then reached an agreement to partner on a 50:50 joint venture to establish IVS at the Ashtamudi IT Building in the Park. Born in Brazil and a US citizen at present, Vinicius Aschidamini, CEO and Director of IVS, handles the marketing side of the company and is the driving force behind its growth. Saneesh on the other hand manages offshore operations of the company and leads the technical team to ensure that the clients’ expectations are met.


The company, which was registered in 2016, commenced operations in 2017 with just Saneesh and a single employee. Though it initially started operations with web designing, the firm later moved into other segments as well.

So what really makes the firm distinct? It is the sheer determination with which the IVS employees led by Saneesh and Aschidamini managed to significantly scale up the company’s operations and substantially improve its financials, against all the odds. When the company’s ledgers were closed for audit in the first year of operations, IVS was found to have clocked a turnover of nearly Rs. 20 lakh in the last three months of FY 2016-17. In the subsequent financial year, the turnover of the company soared to touch Rs. 98 lakh while it again rose further to touch Rs. 2.5 crore in the last financial year. At present there are 15 people working at IVS in Technopark, three from other locations and four are working from home. Having rented out a 6500 sq. ft. area, on the fourth floor of the park building, IVS has started operations in 3500 sq. ft. which is built as a warm shell facility to accommodate 75 to 100 professionals. With consistent inflow of work, Saneesh exudes confidence to rent out the whole floor soon.

IVS specialises in web design & animation, interactive marketing and branded content. At present the company has a global presence with offices in the US, India and Brazil. IVS currently works with multiple industries by helping brands expand online through digital marketing, engaging web designs, optimised content and video production services.

“Incredible Visibility strongly values building and maintaining professional relationships with our employees and clients. We deliver cutting-edge solutions and create new pathways for industries to thrive,” Saneesh said. With the current expansion of its operations, IVS has close to 50 more seats on the fourth floor of Technopark Kollam. According to Saneesh other companies at the Park, Waferchips Techno Solutions and Twixt Technologies could also scale their operations very soon.

Incredible Viability is a sub-division of Incredible Visibility which focuses on offshore management models with dedicated employees. Incredible Viability helps clients establish their branch office in India at zero setup cost or time investment.

“We take care of segments like hardware, infrastructure, IT, HR and legal. We help them plan their team based on their requirements. Our clients will have the benefit of an exclusive offshore office with their own dedicated team, providing a sustainable business model for maximum scalability,” Saneesh explained. The company, however, “is not currently focussing on the big fish in the market, instead has chosen to target small and medium scale companies and startups,” he added. “Earlier, we were apprehensive about our capabilities with limited resources and infrastructure. We are starting to look at bigger companies now. In fact we have an agreement with a big US-based company to start a pilot project,” he added. Similarly the company is also in talks with Disney for signing a contract.

Besides, Saneesh and team are also developing a division within the company, focussing on digital products and game development.


According to the CEO of IVS , who is also a member of the Oracles – a mastermind group comprising of the world’s leading entrepreneurs who share their top advice and success strategies – Kollam Technopark is a ‘hidden gem’. Aschidamini finds the IT Park alluring, an ideal location capable of housing large scale IT operations. The Park is located in the heart of lush green tropical vegetation besides the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. “Our team thrives in this type of environment, further fuelling their motivation, focus and drive for success. The building staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. And, the facility itself is flawless in terms of architecture, cleanliness, security and infrastructure,” he narrated his experience of running a company at the Park.

Kollam Technopark Evolves into a Happening Place

The main advantage of companies coming to set up shop at Kollam Technopark is the lower lease rates compared to the IT Parks in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. The companies which currently work out of Ashtamudi IT building in the park are mostly startups. It is set up in 44-acre land notified under Special Economic Zone providing plug and play options for many companies. The Park is also surrounded by eight technical and engineering educational institutions which is again a great pool of fresh talents. Thiruvananthapuram is the nearest airport for Technopark Kollam.

Technopark Kollam, the satellite campus of Technopark, located  in the backdrop of the spectacular Ashtamudi Lake hosts 22 companies with a total employee strength of only 263 people, including Park officials, housekeeping, maintenance and security staff. A peculiarity of the Park atmosphere is the bonhomie among the employees of different companies.

“Majority of the IT employees of the Park know each other and share a very good relationship. Though the strength of employees is less, tranquil and low-stress work environment help us all get together through various recreational and sports activities to a large extent,” says Nithin John, Chief Information Officer, Evalogical, a website design and web development company based at Kollam Technopark. He along with Roben Rajan, CEO and Haleel Abdul Hameed, COO, Evalogical, preferred to stay closer to their home rather than move to Thiruvananthapuram or Kochi when the right time came to set up an office in 2018.

It will not take long for a township like Kundara to develop if the right kind of efforts are taken by all the concerned authorities and stakeholders. “Thiruvananthapuram is the Capital City and hence, it gets priority. But Kazhakkoottam was not a very developed place until a few years back. If we channelise our efforts to other Parks also, I think more companies and employment opportunities will come to those places, too,” he said. Haleel, speaking to technopolis, said that holding events like talk sessions, tech and cultural events could help draw more attention to the Park.

According to sources in Department of Electronics and IT, Government of Kerala, there are efforts to bring more IT integrated industries at the Park premises which is held by Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL).

“We cannot divulge more details since such plans are under the consideration of the State government and other stakeholders. With more companies coming to the Park in due course of time we are confident to turn Technopark Kollam into one of the largest assets of the IT ecosystem in Kerala. Currently, all standard facilities are provided at the Kollam Park following the model of other IT parks. It is a self sustaining facility,” sources said.

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